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The bulk of PV products for buildings fall into one of three categories: Basic PV modules that can be mounted directly onto the roof. PV modules that are integrated into the roof, replacing the conventional roofing surface.

PV roof tiles that look indistinguishable from traditional tiles, and feature a small PV module on each tile.

The following facts should be borne in mind when considering the installation of a solar PV system: The size of the roof determines the maximum size of installation. The optimum angle of inclination for solar PV is 35° to the horizontal: collectors angled at 35° will collect the greatest annual solar radiation.

Pitched roofs are usually well suited to an integrated solar PV installation, as well as a roof mounted one. On flat roofs, PV modules should be mounted at 35° to the roof surface.

In the UK, PV modules should ideally face south to receive the greatest quantity of solar radiation over the course of the day (source: http://www.traderadiators.com). When the sun is south it is at its highest altitude, and consequently the solar radiation reaching the earth is at a peak.


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Welcome to the Solar Powered Central Heating website. Hot water is used in households the world over, not just for cleaning, bathing, and cooking, but also as part of the home heating systems.

Steam or hot water is also used in large scale heating systems within various industries. The process of building heating using hot water uses an outside energy source to heat the water above its normal temperature, which is then transported around the building through the heating system, raising the building’s temperature as it goes.

With solar powered central heating, this no longer has to rely on the burning of fossil fuels. Why not get in touch with our Solar Powered Central Heating experts to learn more.

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