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Here at the Solar Powered Central Heating website we are keen to promote solar heating technology. Most heating systems use fossil fuels as the energy source. With the ever present threat of global warming, it is vital now that we make the switch to renewable energy sources. Solar energy represents the most viable alternative energy source available, and with solar powered central heating, you can take a massive step towards having an eco-friendly home.
Most home heating systems consist of hot water cylinders which use various forms of energy. The hot water cylinder is normally placed upright and kept on a raised area or a platform at a short distance from the floor. The inner container within the hot water cylinder is the main aspect of the water heater.

Copper containers are generally the best for this part. The next most important part is the kind of heating element to be used. Another extremely important feature is the kind of heating component. It is also extremely important that hot water cylinders are properly maintained. They need to be properly installed to avoid safety hazards.

Solar water heating systems make use of PV solar panels that are fitted in the roof. They collect heat from the sun and it is used to heat the water in the hot water cylinder. A solar hot water cylinder works all year around and brings down the energy bills by a considerable amount. It works out cheaper and cost effective in the long run. Send any queries you may have to our Solar Powered Central Heating team.



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Welcome to the Solar Powered Central Heating website. Hot water is used in households the world over, not just for cleaning, bathing, and cooking, but also as part of the home heating systems.

Steam or hot water is also used in large scale heating systems within various industries. The process of building heating using hot water uses an outside energy source to heat the water above its normal temperature, which is then transported around the building through the heating system, raising the building’s temperature as it goes.

With solar powered central heating, this no longer has to rely on the burning of fossil fuels. Why not get in touch with our Solar Powered Central Heating experts to learn more.

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