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Welcome to the Solar Powered Central Heating website. Here you will find all you could possibly need to know about solar powered central heating. The solar heating system is a great technological advancement and offers a range of beneficial qualities. This unique heating system is one of the most effective ways to heat water, and consequently, to heat homes and offices. It is widely used all over the world because it is cost effective and a clean, renewable source of energy.

Although the use of solar heating systems dates back some years, it is only gaining in popularity now because of the threat of global warming and the rising cost of fuel and electricity. Solar energy is today widely used in households in every corner of the globe. There are two types of solar heating systems, the active solar heating system and the passive solar heating system.
Active solar heating systems utilize either water or air to store and transfer heat. Huge solar panels are installed on roof tops to collect heat from the sun. This heat is then stored effectively by heating air or water.

This heat is then redirected into homes or offices through special vents installed in the building’s rooms. Passive solar heating systems involve the use of black colored tanks and roofs to store heat. This is one of the most cost-effective methods of heating air or water. The passive solar heating system is used less in countries around the world when compared to the active system.

The present economic climate is one of the reasons for the growing popularity and sales of solar heating systems. Many people consider solar heating systems to be greatly beneficial due to their cost-effectiveness. The rising price of electricity and fuels has seen many people choose to try solar energy to heat their water and homes. The effect of fossil fuel burning upon the environment is another major reason for the increasing use of solar heating systems. Everybody is aware of climate change nowadays, and many are feeling its initial effects.  As a result many people prefer to use a renewable source of energy.

Solar heating is one of the cleanest forms of energy. Compared to other heating systems, solar heating systems are extremely eco-friendly as they emit no poisonous gases. By using a solar heating system, people are assured of warm homes and a continuous hot water supply all through the year, and need not fear the effects of fuel shortages or power cuts. This is another benefit of using solar heating systems. Today solar heating systems are priced at competitive rates and can be bought online too. If you are interested in Solar Powered Central Heating, please feel free to contact us.


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Welcome to the Solar Powered Central Heating website. Hot water is used in households the world over, not just for cleaning, bathing, and cooking, but also as part of the home heating systems.

Steam or hot water is also used in large scale heating systems within various industries. The process of building heating using hot water uses an outside energy source to heat the water above its normal temperature, which is then transported around the building through the heating system, raising the building’s temperature as it goes.

With solar powered central heating, this no longer has to rely on the burning of fossil fuels. Why not get in touch with our Solar Powered Central Heating experts to learn more.

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